GMR Energy leads India's energy transformation, covering the entire power sector.

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GMR Energy is a part of GMR Group, which is one of the largest diversified Infrastructure Conglomerates in India. With an operating capacity of over 3020 MW, it has a balanced fuel mix of coal, gas, LSHS as well as renewable sources of wind and solar energy. Apart from this, plants of over 1775 MW generation capacity are under various stages of development in India and Nepal.

A balanced mix of power sales contracts in the short term, medium term and long term have given GMR Energy a unique strength in terms of portfolio diversity. An operating coal property in Indonesia provides essential requirement of fuel security. The company’s portfolio is now moving from developing projects (asset creation) to operating assets (revenue generation).

All operating units of GMR Energy hold the certifications of ISO 14001 for Environmental management, OHSAS 18001 for occupational health & safety and ISO 9001 for quality management systems.

Date Tender Name Description Select Status
23.06.2023 BID Document for FLY ASH Sale from GMR Warora Energy Limited Invitation for Online BIDS for Sale of FLY ASH from GMR Warora Energy Limited, Warora, Chandrapur District, Maharashtra. Open
29.7.2022 Tender for FGD on DCB basis for GKEL and GWEL-Sale of Bid document shall be from 5.8.2022 to 19.9.2022 TENDER NOTICE-GMR Kamalanga Energy Ltd. and GMR Warora Energy Ltd. invites Tender on DOMESTIC COMPETITIVE BIDDING (DCB) basis for the implementation of Flue Gas Desulphurization System (FGD System) in GMR KAMALANGA ENERGY LTD, Kamalanga, ODISHA and GMR WARORA ENERGY LTD., Warora, MAHARASHTRA Open
Revised IFB as on 04.10.2022 Open
Revised IFB as on 21.11.2022 Open
Revised IFB as on 04.01.2023 Open
Revised IFB as on 07.02.2023 Open
Revised IFB as on 20.03.2023 Open
Revised IFB as on 17.06.2023 Open
Revised IFB as on 31.08.2023 Open
Revised IFB as on 01.11.2023 Open
Revised IFB as on 16.01.2024 Open
Revised IFB as on 29.03.2024 Open
Date Policy Name Description
12/12/2022 GMR Green Energy EV Refund Policy

Refund & Cancellation Policy:

Dear Customer,

GMR Green Energy Limited (“the company”) is a service provider for charging of Electric Vehicle battery through its charging infrastructure which will be meeting the charging needs for your EV at the charging location through its application named “GMR Green EV charging” (hereinafter called the “platform”).

We request you to place a pre-booking order for availing the services as per your time and convenience. We understand that there would always be cases wherein an order placed by you would be requiring a cancellation due to which a refund of your order amount or a refund would be sought by you for the pending balance amount to your credit.

This document lays down the policy for cancellation and corresponding refund, if any, of your order amount.

Your Order

Your order on this platform is a request to avail charging services at a place of your choice which is a pre-identified charging facility of the company at a time of your choice. Your order can be a reserve order.

Reserve Order/Booking/reservation is allowed up to 24hrs in advance.

Order Statuses

Based on the two types of orders, the statuses are given below:

1) Reserve/Book:

Once you reserve/book an order, then the order status moves to “reserve” and is shown under the "Reservation" tab. If the order is fulfilled at charging station, then the status moves to the "Transactions" tab. If the order is cancelled, it is again reflected under the "Transactions" tab.

2) On-site charge:

a.) Charge is done on site and no order status may be generated

b.) If the order is fulfilled at the charging station then the status moves to "Transactions" tab

Order Cancellation by you

You may need to cancel your reserved/booked order, in such a case you can select the order under tab "Reservations" and cancel it. Following actions will be taken in case a reserved order is cancelled.

1. You may cancel the booking at any time after the booking has been done till pre-specified minutes of starting time of the charging slot, if specified, or your Order time. However, the order cancellation shall be subjected to a cancellation fee indicated to you during the reservation in the platform and accepted by you.

2. Any reservation/booking cancellation after the Order time, or till pre-specified minutes after the starting time, if specified, at the time of the booking or, non-commencement of charging at the Order time or till pre-specified minutes after Order time, if specified, shall be treated as a "No Show". In the case of a "No Show" the booking would be cancelled by default and will be charged cancellation fee indicated at the time of the reservation in the platform and accepted by you.

3. In the rare unfortunate event, where your reservation is accepted and the charger is not available when you reach the service facility, due to maintenance issue, charger breakdown or other issues attributed to Service provider, your full booking amount if any, shall be refunded in your wallet. Any reservation booking cancellation after the Order time shall be treated as 'No Show' and will be charged cancellation fee as accepted by you during the reservation in the platform. The company bears no liability whatsoever, for any loss or inconvenience caused to you, owing to the non-availability of the platform for the purpose of charging of your vehicle.

4. You can cancel the charging session anytime during the charge time. In case of prepayment, any balance amount due to you after deducting the charges will be refunded to original mode of payment. The refund amount may take a time of 3-5 working days to process.

Order rejection & non-acceptance

You may wish to seek refund of the remainder/balance amount in your wallet, due to non-acceptance of reserve order, non-availability of the charging point at the time of your arrival etc. In such a case, the remainder amount in part or in full, so claimed, shall be refunded to you without any deductions, in your wallet.

Under any circumstances, no refund is permitted once the service is availed, the charging has commenced and the payment is made.

In case of any query regarding refund the customer can drop an email to

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