Domestic Coal Assets

Odisha, India| Jharkhand, India


GMR has acquired two coal blocks through the transparent e-auction and bidding process in early 2015. Talabira 1 in Sambalpur district in Odisha and Ganeshpur in Jharkhand. With this, the 2 X 685 GMR Chhattisgarh Energy Limited as well as GMR Energy have been infused with a new lease of life.

Talabira 1 – This is an open cast mine situated in Sambalpur district in Orissa, with estimated reserves of 9 Million tonnes. The extracted coal will be transported to the nearest railway station Lapange by road and then to GCEL by rail. This mine is especially advantageous because, it has the lowest strip ratio among all Schedule II mines and an extremely low operating cost and the distance from GCEL is not too much.

Ganeshpur - This is an open cast mine located in Latehar district in Jharkhand with estimated reserves of 92 Million tonnes. The coal from this mine has a high calorific content of 4,000 – 4,300 Kcal/Kg. The mine will facilitate transportation to the GCEL plant in Chhattisgarh due to its vicinity to the adjoining freight corridor.



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