PRM facilities at Hyderabad Airport paves way for a safe and equitable travel environment

18 September 2020

GMR Airports has always strived to make air travel comfortable for all its passengers. And, ensuring a disability-inclusive travel environment is a critical part of ensuring safe and comfortable journey for all. We recognize addressing the needs of vulnerable and marginalized groups, especially people with reduced mobility or disability as an important part of achieving our sustainable development goals. Recently, GMR led Hyderabad International Airport has worked in line with the Accessible India Mission (also known as Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan) to create two exclusive waiting areas for People with Reduced Mobility (PRM).


Introduced under Hyderabad Airport's signature program of 'Passenger is Prime', one PRM Wait Area is available at the forecourt of departure and another at the arrival level. Strategically located at two key locations of the Hyderabad airport, both PRM wait zones have 24X7 attendants who usher the PRM passengers comfortably to-and-fro from the PRM wait areas to departure and arrival ramps. As soon as PRM passengers arrive at the departure ramp, they can be ushered into the PRM Wait Area comfortably. Similarly, the arrival passengers after coming out of the terminal, can wait at the Arrival's PRM Wait Area till such time their friends/relatives pick them up at the airport.

To enhance the flying experience and to make the airport more accessible for people with special needs, PRM Wait Areas are also adequately equipped with modern seating arrangements and a dedicated phone line for respective airlines. With the help of a dedicated phone line available there, PRM passengers can call up respective airlines for wheel-chair assistance; and wait till the assistance arrives.


For the benefit of passengers with reduced mobility, apart from the PRM lounge, Hyderabad International Airport also has following facilities for assistance of people with special needs:

  • Dedicated curbside parking for Passengers with Reduced Mobility at forecourt of both departure and arrival ramps.
  • All elevators across the terminal have braille instructions helping visually challenged passengers to use the services reducing their dependency on others.
  • Apart from providing priority check-in, there is also a dedicated security-check lane, which ensures their smooth passage through the Security Hold Area.
  • Dedicated PRM seating available at boarding gates and at food court area before boarding the flights.
  • The airport is also equipped with wheel-chair friendly washrooms.
  • There are also free buggy services available at International Departure area after Security check, Domestic Departure area after Security check, Near International Aero Bridge Arrival area, Near Domestic Aero Bridge Arrival Area and at Domestic Baggage Reclaim area.

All this is done to help passengers navigate easily and comfortably through the airport terminal after security check-in.