Standing strong in our fight against Covid-19

16 July 2021

During the pandemic, we've witnessed the importance of holistic well-being and how it lays a foundation of a good life. More than ever, this was quite evident during Covid times when people were struggling to keep up with the dynamic struggles of their own health as well as that of their loved ones.

Even though yoga is an ancient practice still it holds immense relevance in dealing with health and lifestyle issues of current times. The crux of yoga is to ensure holistic well-being of an individual that involves decluttering the mind, body and souls- bringing them back to a state of natural calm, rest and balance.


While, GMR Group ensured that all its employees got the best possible medical assistance and support during these trying times. They also made sure that GMRites across various locations are timely made aware about all possible covid mitigation measures. In this regards, the company has consistently communicated the idea of improving Ahaara(Diet), Vihaara(Recreational Activities), Achara(Routine)and Vichaara (thoughts)- the essence of yoga since the initial days of Covid spread.

Being an infrastructure conglomerate with interests across Airports, Energy, Transportation, Urban Infrastructure and other sectors, the company has been at the forefront of assisting the government in dealing with Covid crisis. Owing to deep community engagement and last-mile connectivity, GMR Group launched several initiatives across Delhi and Hyderabad to help its employees deal with and mitigate the impact of pandemic.

Key Milestones

  • More than 7000 employees catered in a 24X7 control room created to guide all employees & stakeholders for COVID-19 related help/requests during the lockdown
  • Regular sanitization and disinfectant activities conducted in more than 2 lakh square feet area to restrict COVID 19 spread
  • Nearly 16000 meal facility arranged for all employees during lockdown situation
  • Helped distribute more than one lakh free meals and ration to migrant workers stuck in the city of Delhi and Hyderabad during first phase of the lockdown, through the state Police and NGO
  • Workspace realignment with social distance, preparation and upgrading office infrastructure for COVID precaution
  • Created Pan India COVID helpline numbers to help employees get medical assistance
  • On-site vaccination drive across locations for employees and their family members

Besides the frontlines workers, there were numerous teams who worked day and night from their homes to ensure smooth functioning of other important aspects of GMR. While, the teams were spread across various geographical locations, they were united with various recreational activities organized by the company. It was also ensured that while in lockdown, GMRites engaged in several learning and development programs to enhance their skillsets and professional efficiency. Across GMR, we considered this as a time of improvement and re-alignment.