Now travel smart with your personal travel assistant- HOI

11 June 2021

Every year, billions of people travel through air transport. A significant number of these travelers carry smartphones that hold endless amounts of information designed to make our lives easier and serve our needs faster and more efficiently.

On a path towards revolutionizing the travel experience at the airport, GMR-led Delhi and Hyderabad Airports leverage a passenger engagement platform- HOI to address varied passenger needs and help them navigate their entire travel journey seamlessly.

In line with the Government of India's Digital India vision, GMR Airports had partnered with HOI in mid-2020, to adopt contactless food ordering service at its two leading airports in Delhi and Hyderabad. Since then, the app has been devised of several valuable features that cater as a one-stop solution for the passengers to avail 'Safe, Smart and Seamless' travel experience.


Recently, Amit Kumar who is a frequent flyer got to know about HOI- an intuitive and cognitive travel assistant. As per his next travel plan to visit Hyderabad and check on the health of his parents, Amit book tickets from Delhi to Hyderabad. Let's read ahead to know how HOI assisted Amit at every juncture to make the journey easy, comfortable and seamless.

To start the process, Amit first uploaded his travel details in the app. This can either be done by manually entering the details or by scanning the upcoming travel documents. The app then offers a plethora of valuable features that assist him at every stage of his travel.

A day before travel

Amit is reminded by HOI of his upcoming flight schedule, weather forecast of both Delhi and Hyderabad. Thanks to HOI, Amit got to know about the heavy rains in Hyderabad, hence he carried a raincoat and other gears to keep his luggage water-proof.

On HOI, Amit next checks relevant information he needs on permissible baggage weight that he can carry for the specific flight. This helps him plan and pack his baggage accordingly.

HOI reminds Amit to web check-in post which he scans his boarding pass to update further details, such as PNR to his upcoming trip using the same app. This saves him from the long queues of check-in and also makes the journey contact-less.


Day of travel

At Delhi

Amit pre-orders a gift that he has planned to carry for his family from the listed top 10,000 products from across 80 popular outlets and brands covering diverse categories such as duty-free, retail, food and beverage, lounges, parking, cabs etc.

The 'Scan and Shop' feature of HOI serves as a 100% contactless shopping solution whereby Amit can pick up a product from the shelf, scan its bar code, pay digitally and self-check-out, reducing his wait time at Delhi Airport.

With HOI's intuitive trip recommendation feature, Amit gets real-time alerts about gate changes from his current location, helping him plan smartly his cab bookings based on various factors such as traffic, time to check-in, time for security (immigration for international travelers) and distance to boarding gate, truly leveraging the travel companions help.

Once at the airport, Amit will be facilitated with Auto-check-in (if not already checked in).

By scanning his bag tag information, HOI notifies Amit that his baggage has been loaded into the aircraft, giving him the much-required relief.

After his check-in, Amit connects effortlessly to the airport wi-fi through HOI with just a click of a button. He is made aware of exciting shopping and dining offers that are currently underway at the airport. Now that he has to reach his favourite gifting outlet, where he has to collect his pre-order, Amit takes the help of the voice supported indoor navigation system powered by HOI, which helps him locate the shop and thereafter to head to the Lounge.

On his way to the boarding gate, Amit uses the indoor maps of HOI to discover the nearest washroom as well as other airport facilities that he wishes to avail.


Seated at the boarding gate and 30 more minutes to spare, Amit feels the need of ordering a freshly brewed cappuccino and sandwich from one of the popular coffee brands at Delhi Airport but does not want to go back all the way to the food court. All he does is simply scan a QR code placed in a stand near the gate to place his orders with a selection for a gate delivery. Amit gets a timely notification that his order has been accepted and despatched so that he does not go through any anxieties. In 10 minutes his order gets delivered right at his gate in a contactless, safe and hygienic manner.

Once Amit gets notified by HOI of the final boarding call, he proceeds to board.

At Hyderabad

As a true travel companion, once Amit lands at Hyderabad Airport HOI notifies him of the baggage belt as well as cab options to reach his end destination.

Download HOI App today from Playstore/IOS Store, or visit and enjoy frictionless travel, right from your home to end destination.