Meet the Courageous Women working at GMR led Airports

8 March 2021

With gender stereotyping gradually making way for gender parity, women are now charting out more defined roles across industries. They are not just working behind the scenes in administrative duties, as informal advisors and moderators or focusing exclusively on managing their households but have stood up to manage the on-field duties with equal poise and caliber. Aviation industry is one such arena where women have stood shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts, and extended remarkable services to the nation. Breaking all the stereotypical notions, women at GMR Airports have always stood for the service of the travelers even during the harshest times of COVID-19. From managing the ground- zero operations, to heading the strategic planning processes in the times of crisis, the courageous staff, both men and women never went off-duty at all the GMR led Airports.

We Salute Your Commitment & Professionalism! Happy Women's Day!