Living her Dreams

31 July 2023

Reshma doesn’t remember her mother’s death. Barely, a few months old and abandoned by her father, she was taken in by her grandmother. Surviving on Govt. old age pension and some support from her uncle’s family, the two lived a difficult life.

Reshma at Kirkwood Community College

GMR Varalakshmi Foundation (GMRVF) found the duo in 2006 and took Yandava Reshma under the Gifted Children Scheme. The Scheme was launched in 2001. It seeks to identify, encourage, and financially support the education of meritorious students from underserved families to enable them to realize their full potential. Over 250 students are being supported in different locations. These students are sponsored to attend quality English Medium schools and their complete educational expenses are borne by GMRVF from Std. I till they get their first job.

This life changing incident gave Reshma the opportunity to dream. As all the educational expenses were borne by GMRVF, the family of two could now focus on their wellbeing. With her stupendous performance in school, GMRVF provided her with a bicycle to enable her to commute from her remote village, fast-tracking her dreams. Holding up to her aspirations, she achieved a good percentage of marks in Std. X as well as in her Intermediate.

Life’s challenges have made her stronger and stubborn to transform her life. While pursuing B.SC. (CBZ) at SGCSR College, Rajam, she applied for the Community College Initiative (CCI) Program. The CCI Program is a 10-month certification program offered by the State Department of Education, United States of America. Students have the opportunity to travel to America for 3 semesters of their college, much like the commonly called - exchange program. Successfully clearing all the stages of the selection process with the coaching and guidance from GMRVF, Reshma opted to study Agricultural Geo Special Technology under this program at Kirkwood Community College, Cedar Rapids, USA.

For a girl like Reshma, life’s trials could have made it difficult to complete her education. But she made the most of the opportunities provided to her and created a historic improvement for herself.