Laying the Tracks for Nation Building

14 August 2023

As part of the Dedicated Freight Corridor project towards Nation building, GMR Infrastructure Limited was awarded Contract Package-201 and Contract Package-202 projects in 2015 in the Eastern Corridor, which involved the development of 417-kilometer-long dedicated freight corridor between New Bhaupur and New Deen Dayal Upadhyaya (DDY) stations in Uttar Pradesh. In this awarded stretch, GMR’s EPC Team has successfully completed 417 kilometer- of track laying in Contract Package-201 & 202 i.e. between New Bhaupur to DDY by May 2023. Presently more than 50 pairs of goods trains are already running on the DFCC Track from Bhaupur to Deen Dayal Upadhyaya junction. Despite several challenges on the ground on account of construction material availability, Pandemic and tough weather conditions etc, GMR’s committed team stayed on course to build this project.

Yamuna Bridge by GMR Group
Freight trains plying on GMR’s project

As the finishing works enter the final stage of completion in the awarded stretch to GMR, it signifies a remarkable milestone both for the Group and the nation's infrastructure development, ushering in a more efficient and sustainable transportation network, spurring economic growth, and bolstering regional connectivity.

One of the most notable structures constructed in the Project is the 1040 metres (1.040 Km) long bridge over Yamuna River comprising of ‘34’ span girders with each girder weighing ~286 Million Tonnes. Completion of this section will enable DFCC to run high speed freight trains (100km/hour) over a ~700 km stretch throughout, from Khurja to Chunar in the State of Uttar Pradesh.

Around 70% of the freight trains in India are expected to shift to the freight corridors, leaving the path open for more passenger trains. DFC tracks are designed to carry heavier loads than most of Indian Railways. The much-awaited DFCC project in the country, will not only reduce the gap between supply and demand for freight services but also decongest the already saturated road network & promote shifting of freight transport to more efficient rail transport. Meanwhile the existing industrial areas along the corridor will become key growth centres and strengthen the agricultural hubs.