Inauguration of 4th Runway and Eastern Cross Taxiway at Delhi International Airport

17 July 2023

In the ever-growing city of Delhi, time is of essence. Understanding the needs of the city while being committed to providing the best services to passengers at Delhi Airport, the 4th Runway and Eastern Cross Taxiway (ECT) was inaugurated by Hon’ble Union Minister of Civil Aviation, Sh. Jyotiraditya Scindia on 14th July 2023.

Inauguration of Eastern Cross Taxiway & 4th runway
Eastern Cross Taxiway

Delhi Airport now stands as the only airport in the country, with four runways and a dual-lane elevated structure, positioning it as a future-ready facility capable of efficiently accommodating increased air traffic. This infrastructure advancement shall significantly curtail taxi distances for aircraft by an impressive 7 kilometres. Notably, the installation of this dual lane elevated structure seamlessly connects the northern and southern airfields on the eastern side of the airport. This strategic enhancement translates to tangible benefits for travellers, allowing them to save 15-20 minutes on their journeys. Passengers spend less time in the aircraft before take-offs and after landing, ensuring more efficient and enjoyable travel experiences.

Further, the elevation allows a mesmerizing view for those on the road, as they can see an aircraft crossing above them. These landmarks are built to address the modernity and growth of the city while also being conscious of the environment we live in. The shorter taxing distance for aircrafts shall ensure an annual CO2 emissions reduction of ~55000 tonnes.

Furthering our responsibility to the planet, an eco-friendly approach has been taken while designing the ECT. Approximately 9715 metric tonnes of fly ash, a by-product of thermal power plants, have been utilized in its construction, without compromising the strength of the taxiway. This ensures the preservation of its structural integrity, enabling the simultaneous passage of two large aircraft.

With innovation comes responsibility, and each milestone achieved at Delhi Airport underscores our dedication to becoming a sustainable global aviation hub. We welcome you with pride in our hearts, aiming to enhance your journeys, making them more seamless and enjoyable.

Inaugural flight from the 4th Runway