GMR Innovex: Driving Initiatives, Innovations and Inventions across all GMR businesses

09 April 2021

GMR Group is best known for its consistent efforts in redefining air travel in India. Over the years the company has developed and operated world-class airports by embracing innovations and employing futuristic solutions. Innovations like India's first fully paperless e-boarding solution, indigenous self-service check-in machines, Express Security Check, and Face recognition based passenger processing to name a few were all incubated, developed and rolled out with in-house expertise of GMR Airports team across various locations. Building on this foundation and with a vision to create an enabling framework for innovation across all aspects of the business, GMR Group launched a new business vertical - GMR Innovex.


GMR Innovex will operate on an 'Open Innovation' model, acting as an 'Innovation Exchange' to partner with startups, corporates, innovation platforms, research institutions and academia to bring innovative ideas and solutions to life and help to nurture and sustain a Culture of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. To ensure improved efficiency, better customer experience and higher value to all stakeholders, GMR Innovex will focus on holistic development of businesses through innovations in both digital and non-digital domains.

The innovation vertical of GMR Group is now part of multiple innovation-focused partnerships with organizations like:

  • Airbus
  • Plug and Play (leading global corporate innovation platform)
  • Swedish Institute (SI)
  • T - Hub (Innovation intermediary and business incubator based in Hyderabad)
  • IIT-Hyderabad
  • International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) and Schulich Business School (Business School of York University Located in Toronto, Canada)

A dedicated new facility for innovation has also been established at the Hyderabad Airport campus to act as a platform for various innovation activities by various collaborating startups, industry partners and GMR employees. GMR Innovex will create a structured mechanism to build creative ideas, nurture and foster them, and build a Go-To-Market strategy for all successful initiatives. It will provide an avenue for its partners to work on their ideas and bring it to a forum to validate. The advantage that this exchange brings in is that collaborators can also try their products/services at GMR Innovex across a very large landscape of Airports, Air Cargo, MRO, Logistics, and other Infrastructure sectors.