DigiYatra, the fastest way to travel

30 May 2023

DigiYatra was launched on December 1, 2022, at the Terminal 3 of the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport, by the Minister of Civil Aviation Shri Jyotiraditya Scindia. Since then it has been made available at several airports in India and is currently available on all gates of Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 at IGI Airport.

Under the DigiYatra initiative, travellers can use a digital identity, such as an e-boarding pass or a biometric identifier, to check in for their flights and pass through security seamlessly at the airport. The initiative through the use of face recognition technology ensures faster mobility of passengers to boarding gates, hassle-free travel, enhanced security, dedicated gates while being completely contactless.

With DigiYatra, India now stands in the ranks of world class airports like Heathrow in London and Atlanta in United States of America, which use similar technology.

On an average (Month of April, 2023) over 4.5k people used DigiYatra on a daily basis at Delhi Airport.

Is DigiYatra really a timesaver?

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How to use DigiYatra

One Time Registration:

  • Passengers can download the DigiYatra Application available both on IOS and android on their mobile phones and register, using their Aadhar-linked Mobile number
  • Link their identity credentials using DigiLocker or offline Aadhaar
  • Link their identity credentials using DigiLocker or offline Aadhaar

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