Delhi International Airport’s readiness for the G20 Summit

07 September 2023

We have all heard the buzz about India hosting the G20 Summit for the first time. It is indeed a proud moment for a South-Asian country to host such a powerful group of world leaders. As India prepares to showcase its cultural and regional diversity at a global stage, GMR Group’s Delhi Airport has aligned itself to the country’s vision and made exquisite arrangements at the Delhi Airport.

Delhi Airport is the gateway to India for all the foreign delegates, increasing the importance for us to showcase Indian culture and be prepared for a seamless and exceptional experience.

We have meticulously organized a range of provisions for the esteemed delegates. Watch the video to witness the comprehensive efforts to not only facilitate the G20 delegates' stay but also to create an aesthetically pleasing and informative atmosphere throughout the airport premises.

Seamless Operations:

  • A team of senior officials placed to monitor G20 arrival and departure operations.
  • A team to coordinate with different government departments to provide necessary support for guest facilitation.

Efficient Parking & Traffic Control:

  • Improved airside parking
  • Dedicated terminal gates and processing lanes for immigration and customs.
  • Additional parking and festive decorations at General Aviation Terminal to receive business guests.

Elevating the Ambience

  • Elegantly crafted fountains, sculptures, and ornate flowerpots lining the airport approach road.
  • Impactful hoardings and Tricolor lighting to express a warm welcome and gratitude to visitors.
  • Illuminated G20 Logos inside and outside Terminal 3, enhancing the visual appeal.
  • Informative standees and cut-outs featuring details about the G20 Summit.
  • Messages related to the summit showcased on the MATV system within the terminal.

The current G20 Presidency offers a unique opportunity for India to spearhead a collective approach to address various complex economic challenges of the world as well as putting the aspirations of the developing world on the global stage. As an Organization committed to Nation Building, we have done it all for our foreign delegates to feel the richness of India right as they land!