A Smile can go a long way! It’s #TimeToSoarHigh

28 August 2020

Smile, isn’t this word filled with so much positivity? We must have all noticed in our daily lives that if we smile at someone, we usually get a smile back, not only from the people we know, but even from strangers.

We at GMR Airports have always been strong believers of spreading positivity. And during the current times of pandemic where fear engulfs all, practicing positivity and staying optimistic has become much more important than ever before.

Covid-19 came as an unprecedented shock that shook the whole world. There were lot of doubts and apprehensions about how to deal with the situation. Economies started falling, nations were kept under complete shutdown, kids had nowhere to study and even professionals ran out of work. Slowly the governments, welfare organisations, corporates, and Global Hero’s, the doctors, scientists, and microbiologists joined hands to analyze, monitor and control the situation. Eventually, masks and social distancing and digitisation became a norm worldwide. This helped a lot of people to start stepping out of their homes and return to a life of relative normality. To make flying safer, smarter and more convienent, the airport sector also adapted to the changing times: wearing face masks/face shields and social distancing were made compulsory, touchless technologies were brought to the system and rigorous sanitization and health checks and sanitization were done.

To conclude, in these times of global unrest, we must have positive thinking, we must hope, spread love and fight this virus head-on till it meets the end.