Tourist-friendly initiatives at Delhi and Hyderabad Airport

25 March 2021

Over the decade, airports have become the biggest travel hubs across the world. They have not just brought the world closer by reducing travel time, but have also offered a new definition to travel that is well complemented with comfort, convenience and leisure. Two of the GMR's award winning airports namely, Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi and Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad have been the pioneer in driving innovations and adopting futuristic solutions to ensure excellence in passenger experience. Given below are some major developments at our airports that ensure ease of travel, especially for tourists who are stepping out from homes for leisure after more than a year of complete lockdown:


Inching the luxuries and pleasant experiences even during long wait time

Both Delhi and Hyderabad Airports offer contemporary, stylish and serene lounge facilities. The space is efficiently utilized to create a sense of calm and simplicity which is extremely soothing to the mind and body in alleviating weariness and stress after a long flight. Passengers can relax and rejuvenate themselves in these luxury lounges with facilities including, food and beverages, charging plugs, WIFI, comfortable seating, shower, massage and spa facilities.

Lounge Facilities available at Delhi Airport

Lounge Facilities available at Hyderabad Airport

Reducing the check-in time with self-service technologies

Both Hyderabad and Delhi Airports have deployed Common Usage Self Service (CUSS) machines for the passengers to print their boarding passes on their own. This has not just made the passengers self-efficient but has also considerably reduced the check-in time, by removing the factor of long queues for boarding. Self-Baggage Drop kiosks are another technology that is very useful in this vertical. Passenger prints out the bag tag from the CUSS machines and can put it on their bags, all by themselves. Bags are then dropped on the conveyor and are taken to the aircraft. These machines help to reduce the long lines at the airline check-in counter while increasing the throughput.

As the departure baggage at both the airports, passes through Ultraviolet (UV) light disinfection tunnel, passengers can stay assured that no harmful contagion will make it through the airport premises. Also the stringent social distancing guidelines followed by the airports ensure that there in minimum physical interaction between the passengers and airport staff.


Contact-less shopping and food-ordering

To ease the shopping experience across the Delhi and Hyderabad airports, we have brought them down to your smartphones. And all it takes to buy souvenirs and special gifts from shops at these airport is few smart clicks on HOI app. Passengers can download this cognitive and intuitive travel app on their Android or iOS device, sign-up and enjoy seamless navigation across the airports. Users can scan a QR code placed at airport or go to, select outlet and product of their choice and place an order. Items can be collected at outlet or even delivered to gate.

Additionally, Delhi Airport has also introduced self-ordering food kiosk machines at the terminal pier to avoid queuing. Passengers can also avail Delhi Airport's unique food delivery service, Food Genie. This has eased food ordering for passengers who crave for a last minute bite before boarding or who missed out on the range of cuisines being offered at the airport due to shortage of time.

Download HOI App



Touch-free identity verification

To ensure contactless identity verification, Hyderabad Airport has deployed Facial Recognition technology at three checkpoints - airport entry, entry into security checks, and aircraft boarding. With this technology, the passenger's entry gets processed automatically. Passengers can enrol for facial recognition using valid flight tickets and government ID proofs at registration kiosks. The solution is compliant with the guidelines of Privacy-by-Design, an internationally recognized standard for privacy. The passenger data is only stored in the system till the time of departure and once the flight departs, all biometric data is erased by the system.


Even at Delhi Airport identity verification by CISF has gone contactless. Transparent partitions have been erected for CISF personnel, checking passengers credentials for entry inside the terminal to avoid any direct contact with them. Earlier, passengers had to share their PNR details through a document. However, now all a passenger has to do now is to scan their boarding pass at the barcode scanner to get the boarding pass. Travelers also had to hand over their boarding passes for stamping at the Security Check. But now the boarding passes can be easily scanned through boarding pass scanning devise set up at various security check areas by CISF personnel and their details are validated.

Facial Recognition at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad: