Institution Building
Institutions are identified with a social purpose and permanence. Transcending individual human lives and intentions, they nurture cooperative human behavior. A crucial component of GMR’s Institution Building has been “National building”. GMR’s endeavor to strengthen the fabric of India has manifested itself in many ways.. The journey has been driven by a shared vision, strong focus on execution, measurable outcomes, accountability and transparency - paving the way in creating an Institution in Perpetuity and enhanced equity of the enterprise.

The hallmark of GMR’s institution building efforts are - a strong constitutional framework, a well-articulated vision document and a unique Family Constitution. Integral components of institutionalization of the organization are our values, a platform for collaborations and alliances, clear performance measures to achieve the desired goals. Good governance is the central pillar of the vision of our leaders in GMR, as it serves as the bedrock that instills a high degree of professionalization, fortifies credibility, and helps strengthen the institutionalization process.

The GMR Group has constantly evolved to sustain itself with a collective responsibility to empower the Institution for the future generations and to uphold its relevance for the decades ahead.