Summer Camps and Summer Classes provide the opportunity of improving the level of learning of the children and motivating them to improve their extra and co-curricular skills. The objective of these summer programmes is of two-fold, (a) to help children in understanding the key concepts of the subjects through hands-on experiments, (b) to involve children in interactive and participative activities and go beyond the curriculum.

During Summer Programmes students attend regular sessions and also participate in health and hygiene sessions, film screenings, visits to different places, arts and crafts sessions, cultural programmes etc. They internalize curricular concepts and learn a number of new skills and concepts.

  • Resource persons conduct summer classes for students from the identified government schools that the Foundation works with. The government teachers from these schools often support the Foundation in taking theoretical subject classes.

  • Apart from these classes, students participate in a number of activities - hands on activities such as lab sessions, using science and math kits; extracurricular activities such as cultural programmes, painting, debates, visiting museums and zoos etc.

  • The slow learners are also identified during the classes so that the Vidya Volunteers can provide them support during the After School Learning Classes run by the Foundation throughout the year.

  • The students who attend the programme reportedly have been performing better in school than other students.

  • Several GMR employees also participate in the programme and give sessions in art and crafts etc.

  • At Rajam, GMRVF organizes special classes for students of Std. X from 11 Government schools (both during Std. IX summer vacation and Dussera vacation). These sessions have yielded very good results as 96.50% of students who attended the special classes of GMRVF passed Std. X Board Exams in the year 2010-11, while the district average was only 78.17%.

Case Study:

Summer Classes Improved Teju's Confidence

Tejasri was a student of Std. IV in MPE School at Kancharam village of Andhra Pradesh. Her parents are daily wage laborers. She was never good in her studies. Especially, Mathematics was quite difficult for her. She used to avoid going to school frequently because of her fear of Mathematics. The school closed for the summer holidays. Most of the students of Std. IV were attending the summer classes, but the demotivated Tejasri was not attending classes. The GMRVF staff noticed this, visited her home to convince Tejasri and her parents. Finally Tejasri started attending the summer class. She started liking the class activities and the outdoor games etc. This made Tejasri attend the classes every day. She got 23 marks out of 50 in the first baseline test conducted for gauging the children’s knowledge levels. The class room games on Maths improved her interest. The teachers used no-cost materials like seeds to improve the children's interest. The skits, group songs, picnics etc. etc. brightened

Tejasri's days and increased her enthusiasm and confidence. Soon before the completion of summer classes, an end-line test was conducted for all children of the camp. This time Tejasri bagged 40 marks out of 50! She understood multiplications, subtractions, transport systems, clock, coins, local administration, relations etc. Her parents also felt very happy as their child has gained interest in studies. The school reopened and Tejasri started going to school with enthusiasm. “Now I don’t have any fear of Mathematics and I love going to school” says confident Tejasri.